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About Virtual Boxer:

Virtual Boxer is an extremely effective and highly entertaining boxing training program (a simulator) that was created and published on early 2016 by David Faibish - an amateur fighter, a huge Mixed Martial Arts fan, a musician and a creative multimedia guy.

Originally, Virtual Boxer’s purpose was to only help fighters train their incoming strike recognition and their defensive techniques against punches and combinations, without the risk of being punched in the face and body by real training partners; but since its birth, using its 35 drills and 6 fight simulations in 3 levels of difficulty, Virtual Boxer has proven to not only help to improve the users’ overall defensive skills, it also helped them develop better cardio, better timing, much smoother OFFENSIVE skills, tighter impenetrable fighting style, more speed, unbelievable elusiveness and of course, more self-esteem and SELF-CONFIDENCE.

The Virtual Boxer project gives you everything you need in order to start training right away:
  1. It gives you dozens of free boxing lessons videos so you'll know what do do in front of the simulator,
  2. It helps you tighten up your fighting style using the built-in audible trainer, so you'll become harder to hit and a lot more dangerous,
  3. And if you're a beginner and you don't know where to start, you can visit the how to use Virtual Boxer page and follow the simple instructions there.
Try Virtual Boxer now for free and see yourself become more and more dangerous and safe, faster than ever!

Note: Virtual Boxer is a training tool to use in addition to conventional training at a fight gym and it’s not meant to entirely replace it; BUT if for any reason you don’t want to, or you can’t go and train with real people at a fight gym (maybe because it's so expensive and/or you're afraid of getting hurt or hurt others), it’s not a problem; and by using only Virtual Boxer at home you’ll still enjoy its 30 benefits and you'll become a better boxer anyway.

About The Creator Of Virtual Boxer:

Hi, I’m David Faibish, the creator of Virtual Boxer and the inventor of "rear projection fighting". (The rear projection method was already there, I only added the fighting part...)

Right now I’m 39 years old and I've become very interested in the beauty of martial arts very early in my life. (Since the days of the original "Karate Kid".)

Currently I’m a HUGE Mixed Martial Arts fan, and for quite a few years now I’ve been obsessed with learning (and inventing) all kinds of new techniques and new methods of training in order to improve my fighting skills and abilities in the convenience of my home.

My motive for being a better fighter (except of course for the love of martial arts), is trying to not let things that happened to me in my distant past from happening again. If you've been bullied or got beaten up in the past, then you know what I mean.

Over the years I’ve invented some cool new methods of training in order to help myself become a better martial artist (like a really cool Kickboxing/JiuJitsu dummy, which I'm thinking of eventually selling), but by far my most impressive and effective creation was “Virtual Boxer”. (I've also created the southpaw version of the program for anyone who's a little more serious about his or her fighting.)

Anyway, when I originally designed Virtual Boxer, it only had one purpose: to better my reactions to my opponent’s punches (i.e. become a better counter-striker); but to my amazement it gave me SO MUCH MORE than just that! Virtual Boxer not only improved my “incoming strike recognition” ability tremendously, it also helped me memorize my favorite defensive and offensive techniques so I can execute them instantly against my opponent’s strikes. It also developed my cardio, my foot work, my elusiveness, my speed my timing and a lot more. By the way, the biggest benefit that I have gotten from becoming good at it in my opinion, is that it made me feel a lot more LIKE A MAN when I walk around the world!

And now I want to give this program to you, so YOU can get so much better the way I did. I want you to be able to defend yourself on the streets, destroy your bully (if in fact you have one. I wish I had this program when I had a few of those assholes myself, trying to ruin my youth), and if you fight professionally or semi-professionally, I’m 100% sure that you also can use this program to keep your fighting skills sharp and get even better and smarter with your defensive AND offensive skills.

Virtual Boxer doesn't only contain easy drills and fights for beginners (found here for free); it also has some difficult and most challenging drills and fights for the more experienced fighters. (Only in the full version of Virtual Boxer).
So if you feel that all the freebies on the homepage are getting too easy for you - buy the full version and get yourself busy and excited for at least a couple of years more... I'm currently 3 years into it and I've become pretty good at it as you probably saw in the introduction video... :)

If you have any question regarding Virtual Boxer you can contact me HERE and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

For answers to questions that you might have about Virtual Boxer you can check out the frequently asked questions page.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your life and with your training!

Your friend,
David Faibish.

Boxing Training Program

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