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First of all, what does it even mean being an affiliate to a product?

(If you know what affiliate marketing is, you can skip this part.)

Basically the way affiliate marketing works is that an affiliate is rewarded every time a sale for a business is generated through advertising by the affiliate.

For example if you, as an affiliate, sent 1,000 guys who are interested in boxing over to this website to check Virtual Boxer out, and 5% out of those people ended up buying the product, you will be rewarded 50% commission of the product’s sale price for each of the sales:
(5% out of 1,000 people = 50 x $8.72 = $436.25)

Signing up to Virtual Boxer's affiliate program is QUICK, EASY and FREE, so keep on reading to learn all the details...

Top 7 reasons why you should promote Virtual Boxer:

You get 50% commission for each sale!!!
How is it possible? Well, Virtual Boxer is a downloadable digital product and has no physical mass. Its copies cost zero money to produce, there is no middle man and there is no delivery for a physical product.
That’s why instead of getting about 7% of the product’s sale price for referring a customer who’s buying for example a pair of boxing gloves, (which has a production cost, middle man, delivery etc.) YOU can get 50% commission for referring a customer who’s just buying a downloadable file straight from my server.

Why 50%? Because the more I give my affiliates, the more happy affiliates I get; and when you and the rest of my affiliates do your best to send your website visitors, fans, followers, podcast listeners or email subscribers over to my website and eventually make a lot of money – I make a lot of money too and everybody’s happy!
Without affiliates I cannot easily generate tons of sales! I need you guys and I appreciate you very much! :) That’s why you get half, even though I worked my ass off for more than 3 years producing this training program and this website… YOU have the power, I have the product - together we’re one big happy money typing machine!

Conversion rate:
I made the sale process SUPER convincing! Here are just a few of the things that make it so appealing to customers:
  • Adding a cool introduction video on the homepage and on the sales page really made a difference in understanding and wanting the product.
  • I made a list of all the 30+ benefits of using this simulator, and it’s available on a page of its own, on the sales page and the top 10 of the benefits also appear in the introduction video. All of the benefits are true, provable and super awesome... and if you're serious about your training and your fighting abilities it’s very hard to resist buying a training tool that helps you THAT MUCH with getting towards your goals!
  • I went and obsessively learned marketing from some of the best in the business (Eben Pagan, Antony Robbins and some others,) so I’ll know how to build and write a professional sales page. And then I DID! With a little more time and fine tuning it will become even better.
  • I made sure that beginners have a great place to learn how to box for free so they’ll know what to do in front of the simulator and be able to use it. The free boxing lessons page contains dozens of instructional videos about how to strike, how to defend against punches, how to shoot combinations, stance, footwork and much more; and it’s all arranged beautifully on one page!
  • Since MOST fight fans and martial arts enthusiasts around the world are NOT professional or even amateure fighters but mostly home trainers with some fight gym/martial arts school experience (some have none), Virtual Boxer is a perfect match for those guys, especially because they usually only (or mostly) train AT HOME. Everyone likes to train at home, even if it's only shadowboxing...
  • There is a “100% money back – satisfaction guarantee” option, a thing that might seem a little counter intuitive, but it calms all the buyers and eventually boosts the number of sales. Sure, some people do exploit it in order to get the product for free and some are just not 100% satisfied, but overall this guarantee helps us a lot more than it screws us.
  • I gave the users a belt ranking system so they’ll be more motivated in getting the full program and advance towards becoming really good at fighting the hardest fights in the simulator (i.e. becoming a black belt in virtual boxing… ;-)
  • I made the program even more effective by also adding the trainer’s orders option (the audible trainer) + I gave the users a page where they can learn what every order mean and why it’s good for them.
  • I added a pro fights section and a street fight collection in order to motivate the users and become more interested in fighting and in learning how to defend themselves.
  • I explain in detail how Virtual Boxer is a tool to enhance the effectiveness of real life training and how it can give the users many different things that they don’t get or don’t get enough at any fight gym.
  • I gave a lot of (easy) freebies on the homepage so people can actually experience the simulator, enjoy it, advance a little with their boxing and eventually understand its benefits first hand. The ones who want the more difficult drills and fights will have to buy the full program. (I made sure they understand that.)
  • Virtual Boxer is the only boxing training program on the market (at least for now) and people who are interested in training at home with this kind of an advanced tool won't find anything else with so many features, benefits and options in just one beautiful package!
  • There are many more reasons why the sales process is so convincing, but these are the main ones.
The third reason why you should promote Virtual Boxer is: Since this product is unique, I bet you don’t promote anything like it; and not promoting it means not getting the most amount of money from your visitors, subscribers, listeners, followers or fansmoney that they WANT to spend on things that they want and need. So it’s either promoting Virtual Boxer and getting ALSO that money, or not getting it at all…
And by the way, there’s a good chance that they’ll be exposed to Virtual Boxer in some other place and your COMPETITOR will get this money INSTEAD OF YOU!
Also, if your business IS about fighting, martial arts or self-defense, then your people WILL be interested in checking Virtual Boxer out, and most of those guys will enjoy it and see the benefits of this 3-speed simulator. That's a fact.

Picking the right product to promote:
Since you’re going to talk about this product and recommend it to your people (hopefully even show them how YOU use it, benefit from it and enjoy it), picking a product that you personally find useful, fun and exciting is a big advantage for you because it will be really easy for you to promote.
Also, your excitement and honesty will easily be passed to your people and the message will be extremely clear, compelling and convincing! The fact that they like you and trust your judgement also can't hurt...
And if your business IS indeed about fighting, then selling Virtual Boxer to your people is going to be ALMOST AS EASY AS SELLING CANDY TO KIDS because it's mostly appealing to young males who are into competitive fighting, martial arts and/or self-defense.

The product’s website: promoting a product with a user-friendly and easy to navigate website that also looks good is always a good thing!

The creator of the product, the way he communicates with his visitors and what he gives them:
Since the moment I decided to make a product out of my boxing simulator idea I never stopped thinking about the future users of my creation and my future site visitors. All along the way I did all I could and beyond so everything is clear, easy to find and for the benefit of my visitors and users.
I've invented new ideas to enhance the experience (like fighting against a projection for example) and tried to be as honest, clear and correct as possible.

You should feel good about sending your fans, followers, listeners, subscribers and website visitors to VirtualBoxer.com because there’s nothing on this website to upset the masses. On the contrary! Here are some of the things that I've done to make my visitors and product users happy:
  • There’s a bunch of freebies right on the homepage, so they can try it, enjoy it and feel the benefits.
  • I gave the visitors a page full of free boxing lessons so EVERYONE will know what to do in front of the simulator.
  • I videotaped myself using this program and put it in the introduction video on the homepage and on the sales page so everyone watching it understands how it's done.
  • I also made a “how to train” page for the ones who need some guidance.
  • I supplied a beautiful collection of awesome training music (all legally embedded HERE) – so they’ll have more fun while using the simulator.
  • I’ve invented a new way of using Virtual Boxer with a projector and showed it to people so they will get even more motivated and interested in using and buying the full product.
  • I put a F.A.Q section and made it possible for everyone to contact me with questions.
  • I constantly try to keep the users safe by providing them with a safety guidelines page.
-- If you have suggestions for making it even better, I’d like to hear about it! Contact me HERE!

The seventh reason why you should promote Virtual Boxer is: Being an affiliate to Virtual Boxer works through Clickbank.com, which means it’s SAFE and you WILL GET YOUR MONEY, on time! (See all the info about ClickBank below!)

How will I get paid?

An independent world renowned third party company named ClickBank handles the sales, payments and returns for both affiliates (like you) and product creators (like me).
To join the Virtual Boxer affiliate program you will need to sign up with ClickBank, but this is free and easy to do. Once you’ve signed up with them you will be able to start promoting Virtual Boxer (and thousands of other products) and start making money in literally minutes!

About ClickBank (Wikipedia):
“ClickBank is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.
In 2011 Revenue Magazine named the company as the top affiliate network in the United States.
The company has headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and offices in Broomfield, Colorado.
The company is a subsidiary of Keynetics, and is the sister company of Kount, an online security company. It was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber.
In 2011, the site had attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, approximately 100,000 of whom were designated as 'active' at any given time. In June 2011 the company claimed to have paid affiliates and vendors over $1.8 billion, processed 35,000 transactions per day, and generated over $350M in annual revenue. It offered over 46,000 individual products to its affiliate marketers, and provided services in over 200 countries.”

My experience with ClickBank: In the past I used to have 2 information websites and I was an affiliate for all kinds of digital products (mainly eBooks and audio books) and working with ClickBank was a pleasure!
I sent my websites’ visitors to check out all kinds of products that I knew they’d be interested in; ClickBank tracked all of those movements, and when people that I sent to those websites bought the products - ClickBank took care of all of the transactions and I always got my commissions, on time.

And now I’m on the opposite side: I’m signed with ClickBank as a product creator and I’m looking for affiliates to promote MY product; so if you think your website visitors, fans, followers, subscribers or listeners will be interested in Virtual Boxer and you KNOW that some of them will eventually buy it, you could get the 50% commissions from ClickBank for all the sales, and the more people you send, the more money you can make. AND IT’S SO EASY!!!

How much money can I make?

Sales Per Month: Monthly Profit: Yearly Profit:
 100  $872  $10,464
 200  $1,744  $20,928
 500  $4,360  $52,320
 1,000  $8,720  $104,640
 5,000  $43,600  $523,200

When do I get paid?

ClickBank pays you by check every 2 weeks no matter where you live in the world. When you log into your ClickBank account, you will have access to real-time statistics, so you can see how much money you have earned at any time.

Click HERE to sign-up with ClickBank for free.

After signing up with Clickbank you can start promoting Virtual Boxer in two minutes. THIS LINK will show you Virtual Boxer and Southpaw Boxing Simulator on the Clickbank marketplace. (If it's not working try this link - it will take you to Clickbank's marketplace main page. Once you're there, type "virtual boxer" in the "find products" search field on top and then click ENTER.)

When you see Virtual Boxer in the results, click the "Promote" button and type in your account nickname. Then finally in order to get your special unique link, click on the "create" button. Copy the link that it gives you (a link with your special code in it that will tell Clickbank about all the people that you send, and who out of those people buys the product) - and use this link wherever you want in order to send people to Virtual Boxer's landing page. That's it!

The best way to promote Virtual Boxer is by showing and proving how awesome and useful this boxing training program is, (by creating gameplay videos of you, your friends and/or your family members fighting the simulator, and by using those videos along with your honest testimonial / review / recommendation.)
Then, after you've showed people how you use, enjoy and benefit from this training simulator, add your unique link below and tell people to click this link in order to learn more about this training program / simulator and also try it themselves for free.

When a customer clicks your unique ClickBank link he immediately gets redirected to Virtual Boxer's landing page through ClickBank’s systems that can now follow his actions while being there; and when a purchase is made by him, ClickBank handles the money transaction. They charge only 7.5% + $1 for their services for each sale, (which is fair, considering what they do and allow us to do), and then we split what's left: You get your 50% commission and I get the rest. It’s as simple as that.

You can copy and paste your unique link wherever you want, whether it’s on your website, your Tweeter or Facebook, your email list, even in the descriptions of your YouTube gameplays and reviews, and then, you can log-in to ClickBank’s system and see all the magic happen behind the scenes. (It’s addictive, be warned…)

Tools To Promote Virtual Boxer:
You can use any (legal) method that you want in order to send people over to the Virtual Boxer landing page using your special Clickbank link. Here are a few good ideas + a link to the banners page:
  • I made a HUGE collection of banners for you to use, but you can (and should) use more ways to promote Virtual Boxer.
    (Don't just count on my banners to do the work though, because nowadays too many people, including me, use ad-blockers on their internet browsers and they DON'T SEE BANNERS AND ADS AT ALL! So making your own videos, reviews, gameplays, links, testimonials etc. is the best way to promote a product like this. If you HAVE an ad-blocker installed on your browser and you go to the banners page and you don't see the banners... You guessed it... they're blocked, so if you want to work with banners, tell the ad-blocker to not mess with this page.)
  • Write reviews
  • Videotape and upload videos (preferably gameplays combined with reviews) to YouTube, and then use them in your promotional campaigns to demonstrate and to create interest in Virtual Boxer.
  • Write and/or videotape testimonials
  • Always use links at the middle and at the bottom of every promotion. (On YouTube put them on top and at the bottom of the video's description.)
  • Emails - if you have an email list of guys (and even girls) who are interested in bettering their fighting skills and/or raising their confidence, write a nice recommendation or a review of Virtual Boxer and tell them how useful and fun it is. If you can add a gameplay and a first hand personal testimonial, all the better!
  • Recommendations in any way, shape or form - text, videos etc.
  • You can even embed the Virtual Boxer introduction video on your website, talk about it and then provide your special link in order to send people over to the sales page, where they can find all the info about it (and buy it...)

I'll try to create more stuff for you to use in the future, so stay tuned!

Using multiple methods of promotions in different times and locations (like your Twitter, Facebook, website, emails, YouTube channel etc.) makes your efforts of making money selling Virtual Boxer a lot more successful; so don’t just try once and see what happens - try to see what methods work best for you and then repeat them as needed in different times and locations!

If you have any questions about becoming an affiliate, please contact me HERE and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So, enjoy making money promoting Virtual Boxer and best of luck to you!!!

David Faibish,
The creator of Virtual Boxer.

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