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Finally, A Useful Boxing Training Program That Not
Only Builds Your Boxing Skills & Self-Confidence FAST,
But Is Also Safe And  A Lot Of Fun!

 Here, Test Your Skills: 
(New to boxing? Here are some Free Boxing Lessons Videos to help you out.)

What Is Virtual Boxer Anyway?

boxing training program Virtual Boxer may look like a game when you first look at it, but it's actually an extremely effective and well thought of boxing training tool that will quickly and efficiently improve your boxing skills using a virtual training partner in the comfort and the safety of your home.

You can use this 3-speed boxing simulator for as long as you want, whenever you want and as wild as you want without worrying about your sparring partner's fists hitting your face and body when you practice every day.

Now, before I start talking about Virtual Boxer's benefits and how it works, I feel I should warn you that it's extremely addictive, AND just like in real fighting, IT'S A LOT MORE FUN WHEN YOU GET GOOD AT IT...

Your new virtual training partner, or opponent, will repeatedly throw punches and combinations at you from inside of the screen, allowing you to practice your defensive and offensive techniques in front of it until your timing, footwork, cardio, counter attacks, punch recognition and elusiveness become insanely good.

Now don't get me wrong, sparring with real training partners is probably more effective for real life scenarios than practicing with a boxing simulstor, but if you're not doing that, you should at least be using a simulator at home because with it you can keep in shape and easily sharpen your boxing techniques.

Generally if you want to feel safe on the streets, (which can be quite dangerous) and you want to be able to see your attacker’s punches on time and avoid a brutal beatdown and/or a knockout, there are no shortcuts - you HAVE to go through a certain “mileage” of face to face training, a thing that takes years of hard work, sweat, pain, and of course, injuries. Fortunately for you, one of Virtual Boxer’s advantages is that it can shrink years of dangerous punch avoidance training at the fight gym into just months of painless and awesome simulator action at home.

When you're practicing with training partners at the fight gym, constantly trying to avoid their strikes while looking for holes in their defenses to exploit and attack back, the body organ that’s being trained the most is in fact the BRAIN; and for doing specifically that, you don’t necessarily need flesh and blood training partners! ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T LIKE BEING REPEATEDLY PUNCHED IN THE FACE AND BODY; (or maybe you don't want to hurt others.) That’s where Virtual Boxer, a home boxing training tool comes REALLY HANDY... (Scroll down for its 30+ Benefits!)

Boxing Training Program

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Here's How Virtual Boxer Works:

When training with a boxing simulator you only need to have 2 things in mind:
  1. Most importantly, you must always avoid getting hit by its punches!
  2. You must strike back, and you must do it in the safest, most correct way possible!
To do so, you need to stand in front of the screen (or projection) and constantly use the techniques that you’ve learned in the free boxing lessons page in order to avoid getting hit by his attacks and of course, strike back.

When you use Virtual Boxer, your brain constantly takes pictures and learns how different punches and combinations look like when they’re being shot at you by an attacker and starts recognizing them quicker every time.

Virtual Boxer also helps you memorize and organize your favorite defensive AND OFFENSIVE techniques in your head, so eventually you become extremely FLUENT with your boxing game, and able to instantly react to your opponent’s attacks, avoid his punches and strike back like a pro.

Polishing your fighting style becomes even more efficient with an audible trainer that directs you all along the way, constantly telling you what to do and what not to do, making sure that you always perform your techniques better and sharper - until eventually, after enought training, you REALLY DO perform the best way possible.

In just weeks (or even days) after you've started using Virtual Boxer, you'll see HUGE improvements in your boxing skills. The guy on the screen won't hit you as often, and with time, as you advance to the more difficult drills and fights in the program, you’ll not only avoid his strikes like a champ, but you’ll also successfully attack HIM in between or even DURING his attacks!
Then, when a REAL attacker tries to punch you, you'll be able to recognize his punches, avoid them like a pro, punish him, and leave him lying there with a broken jaw, bloody nose and a bag full of regrets…

The 30+ Benefits of Virtual Boxer:

First and foremost, Virtual Boxer will train you to instantly RECOGNIZE all the common punches and even combinations that may be thrown at you by an attacker, so you can easily see them coming and consistently avoid getting hit by them.
Using all kinds of useful 3-speed drills and fight simulations, Virtual Boxer will help you remember and organize your favorite defensive AND offensive techniques in your brain, so you can INSTANTLY pull them when needed.
Training with Virtual Boxer will greatly strengthen your cardio endurance, so you can last even longer without getting tired! (At the gym, in the ring, on the streets, in bed...)
Virtual Boxer effectively sharpens your timing - every time that you use it!
Unlike training with real training partners who are seeking (and are also legally allowed) to punch you in the face and body, Virtual Boxer will never hurt you while training with it.
Virtual Boxer will train you in fighting against a southpaw fighter (a lefty) – VERY important! (See the Southpaw simulator). Southpaw LITE comes with Virtual Boxer as a free bonus.
Virtual Boxer will help you achieve super elusive head movement and quicker foot work, so you can make sure that even fewer of your opponent’s punches actually hit you.
Using an audible trainer that constantly tells you what to do and what not to do in order to better your boxing, Virtual Boxer will shape and tighten your fighting style and make a more protected and dangerous fighter out of you.
You can use Virtual Boxer for getting used to fighting AS A SOUTHPAW (as a lefty) and also own the lefty advantage. PLUS, with the southpaw version you can train yourself in fighting AS A SOUTHPAW AGAINST A SOUTHPAW!!! How cool is that?!?!
Safe power-striking training: You can strike as fast and as explosive as you like without making your training partner whine about it… (Just make sure you keep a safe distance from the screen!)
If you're a beginner, Virtual Boxer will save you about $1200 for the first year at the local fight gym. (about $100 a month!) Don’t be your training partners’ punching bag at the fight gym as a newbie! Get Virtual Boxer first and achieve twice the skills in a third of the time! Join the fight gym later more knowledgeable, skillful and confident, kick everyone's ass and STILL have that money that you didn't spend on the first year...
With 3-speed drills and fights (now 4 with the new super-fast bonus) Virtual Boxer is useful for both beginners AND experienced fighters.
Virtual Boxer will encourage you to develop your speed: Striking speed, response speed and movement speed.
Virtual Boxer helps you lose weight and become thinner, sexier, healthier and happier.
Using Virtual Boxer regularly (and becoming good at it) will result in less violence against you due to the growth of your apparent self-confidence and the positive changes in your physique.
Also, Encouraging your KID to master Virtual Boxer will raise his self confidence and self esteem and will result in less to no bully attacks at him at school, especially if someone tries to punch him and he skillfully defends himself.
If you're an experienced fighter and you decide that you want to give Virtual Boxer a shot, there's a good chance that while using it you'll find quite a few halls in your game that need to be fixed. Use Virtual Boxer and Southpaw Boxing Simulator to systematically close all of these halls and become an even better, more protected fighter!
Virtual Boxer Is EVEN MORE USEFUL in times when you CAN’T punch the heavy bag or train with people due to an injured hand (knuckles, wrist, skin etc.) because in front of the simulator you only touch the air!
You can train with Virtual Boxer HOW MUCH that you want, WHENEVER you want and AS WILD as you want without being dependent on anyone.
Being really good at fighting Virtual Boxer will get you more respect from friends and family, especially when they see your super impressive gameplays on YouTube, Facebook etc.
Older active fighters who notice an INCREASE in their reaction time, (which is BAD), can use this simulator in order to train their brains to REACT FASTER when punches are arriving.
Virtual Boxer complements and reinforces the effectiveness of training at a fight gym and it gives you quite a few things that training at a fight gym cannot give you or does not give you enough. Read all about it here.
Using Virtual Boxer you can simulate fighting with one "injured hand" and strike only with your "good" hand. Had enough? Switch hands and/or switch your stance.
There is a lot of talk lately about visualization as an increadibly effective way of training for martial arts (but not only) and Virtual Boxer can certainly help you with that. Instead of closing your eyes and imagining how you're dealing with an imaginary opponent, you can even SIT in front of your screen and for short/long periods of time just look at the different simulations and THINK of what you'd do against every punch and combination. You can move your head according to what's happening and even slightly move your hands. This is pure brain training. Personally I did that MANY times and I can tell from experience, IT HELPS!
Sometimes, when you take breaks from training with other people at the fight gym/martial arts school, it can take weeks, months or even years until you set foot at that place again, which is bad for your fighting skills, which unfortunately WILL decline. Well, until you get back to that fight gym you better have something to keep you active and advancing, and what is better for that than a 3-speed boxing training simulator that was built especially for that...

Read All 30+ Benefits

People LOVE Virtual Boxer Not Only Because
It's FUN, But Also Because It WORKS!

Here are some testimonials from real customers:

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NEW BONUS! You will also get a 150% speed simulation (a
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for those who want a serious challenge...

Virtual Boxer and all the bonuses are all downloadable
and do not actually come in a box. (PC only).

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If you have any questions regarding Virtual Boxer, try finding answers in the F.A.Q page or simply contact me and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!

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Go ahead and try Virtual Boxer and see if you like it; play with it, learn from it, train with it and have some fun. If within 60 days from the day of the purchase you're unhappy with this simulator, then I'll be happy to give you all the money back, no questions asked!

David Doron Faibish - Creator of Virtual Boxer.

Why You Need A Boxing Training Simulator:

Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL TRY TO BEAT YOU UP. Don't be naive and say "oh, this never happens to me" because it's not up to you. More guys than you think will throw punches at you and you need to know how to avoid those punches because if you get knocked out and you fall with your head on a hard surface, you may die at the
hospital from internal bleeding, OR if you're really unlucky, he or THEY, WILL REPEATEDLY kick you in the face while you're out defenseless on the ground. Close your eyes and imagine THAT for a second. That's GOTTA hurt... Now, the most obvious benefit of Virtual Boxer is that it will train you to recognize punches, sometimes even before they were thrown and it will train you to AVOID them!!! And not only that, it will also get you in shape and work on your timing, your speed, your counter attacks, you self-confidence etc. so you'll be able to strike back and defend yourself.

Listen, Virtual Boxer may not be as effective as sparring with real training partners at the fight gym (but also not as dangerouse...) but it WILL make you extremely ELUSIVE, a lot more protected and a 100 times better boxer than you were before you started.... See all 30+ benefits of Virtual Boxer

Virtual Boxer is by far the most efficient training tool for boxers since the invention of the punching bag, and using it has proven to be EXTREMELY beneficial for both beginners AND for the more experienced boxers.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

 Important Issues That Need To Be Addressed:

Who Needs Virtual Boxer And Who Doesn’t?

If you're a six-foot-four beast, with neck tattoos and a mean look on your face, then you might not need this program… (Unless you find it fun and even useful for improving your boxing skills…)

If you’re a former navy seal and now you’re a UFC fighter, then you might not need this program. (Unless you think it’s good for your cardio and for sharpening your timing and your elusiveness…)

BUT, if you're a regular guy (or girl) and you just want to be able to defend yourself and feel safer and more confident on the streets and in life, then this program was made just for you! (ESPECIALLY if you have bully problems!)

If you’re already training in any style of martial arts, and you're convinced that Virtual Boxer can dramatically improve your boxing skills and accelerate your advancement as a fighter, then you’re right! (No need for nose-breaking, rib-cracking training partners…)

(GUYS), if you’re sick of not being men enough and not getting the respect that you deserve, especially from girls, (because of the lack of confidence in your body language), and you want to be noticed and appreciated, then this program can definitely help. (And I speak from experience!)

If you’re a parent to a boy and you think he may gain some self-defense abilities and self-confidence from using Virtual Boxer, then you are RIGHT and you need to get him this training simulator right now; especially if you suspect he has bully problems at school. If THAT is the case, then this program was REALLY made for HIM! At some point he WILL have the confidence, the power and the abilities to defend himself, even skillfully, if in fact they're STILL attracted to him, even when he seems more confident and capable…

And you know what? If you want to get in shape, maybe lose some weight and become thinner, sexier and stronger, then obviously you can use Virtual Boxer in order to achieve ALL of these goals!!! (PLUS, you get to become a hell of a boxer as a bonus…)

Bottom line is, Virtual Boxer works for me, it works for other guys and girls all around the world and anyone can find benefits in it, even if they’re big and strong already!

Boxing Training Program

Buy Virtual Boxer v1.2
$47 Only $19.95

PC Only  |  Satisfaction Guaranteed!
(This product is only sold here!)

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Virtual Boxer Saves You Money, Time,
Pain And Injuries:

Before I begin I'll admit that Virtual Boxer is not perfect. It's a great training tool, but it's probably not as effective in getting you ready to a fight like sparring with REAL training partners, but still, looking at the HUGE benefits list above, clearly it's worth using. Now, about those savings...

Virtual Boxer Saves You TONS OF MONEY:
If you're a beginner and if you're low on cash, then for just one payment of $19.95 for the full version of Virtual Boxer (plus the Southpaw LITE bonus) you’ll be able to easily skip your first year of training at a fight gym, (about $1200 = $100 a month) + It saves you the cost of the fight gear that you’ll have to buy and the gas money back and forth, about 8 times a month... Join the fight gym LATER, when you're more knowledgeable, skillful and confident and waste the money you saved on your other hobbies...

Virtual Boxer Saves You TIME:
Although some non-believers of my boxing training program disagree, (because they refuse trying it), in just a few months of short daily sessions with Virtual Boxer (if you really train every day and you always try to get better) you can achieve a lot more advancement (in knowledge 1 2 3 , in skills and in abilities) than what you can achieve training twice a week at a fight gym in a year!!! *
Let’s not forget all the time driving there (or taking the bus) and then back... 1 complete session can cost you 3-4 hours! With Virtual Boxer you can train at home whenever you like, for as long as you like and it will never steal entire evenings from your precious time! (Unless you become addicted... ;-)

Training With Virtual Boxer At Home Saves You PAIN AND INJURIES:
Training with Virtual Boxer is very safe and it will save you quite a few painful and sometimes harmful punches to your face and body, thrown by your training partners at the fight gym. SPARRING WITH OTHER PEOPLE IS ALWAYS A RISK! *

* I DO however, despite all of these, still recommend training at a fight gym, at least for a while, (preferably when you already have some skills) - just for experiencing the things that Virtual Boxer cannot give you. Also, the trainer will help fixing minor bad habits that you might develop in your style.

PC Only  |  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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If from some reason you’re STILL not sure, just answer these 5 quick yes/no questions and then decide:

  1. Do you want to become a dangerous and capable man (or woman...) and have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones in times of violence and trouble?
    Yes No
  2. Do you want to build your self-confidence, your inner strength and your physical power so you'll eventually stop feeling so weak, fearful, vulnerable and victimized?
    Yes No
  3. Do you want to magically make most bad guys SKIP YOU and go find another “safer to attack” victims by training, becoming and looking like someone to not mess with?
    Yes No
  4. Do you agree that training with Virtual Boxer WORKS and that using it is one of the best ways if not THE best way to train your boxing technique alone at home?)
    Yes No
  5. (Guys), do you want to get WAY more attention from girls by becoming a stronger, sexier and a more confident version of yourself?
    Yes No

If you answered YES to ALL (or at least to MOST) of these questions, then you know what you need to do now...

Don't delay getting your copy of Virtual Boxer to some other time because most delays eventually end in doing nothing. Buying Virtual Boxer right now is SO EASY! You can pay, download and start using it in no time! AND, you’ll own it for life!

After using Virtual Boxer for just weeks or even DAYS you’ll start noticing massive improvements in your boxing; especially if you train regularly! It may take more time though, because it depends on many factors, but if you do it, you WILL become a better boxer, guaranteed; and with Virtual Boxer the sky is the limit! (And I KNOW because I've only been using it for a year and a half and I'm already pretty bad ass! Imagine what even more time on this simulator can do to my boxing! What about YOU?!)

You need Virtual Boxer and you deserve it. You know you do. It’s time to be good to yourself and invest in yourself!

So good luck, be SAFE and kick ass! (I mean punch face...)

Your Friend,

David Faibish - Creator of Virtual Boxer.

P.S. Remember: If for ANY reason you regret buying Virtual Boxer, you will be able to get all your money back within 60 days from the day of purchase, no questions asked! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Click the yellow “Buy Now” button below to buy Virtual Boxer and start enjoying it TODAY:

Boxing Training Program

Buy Virtual Boxer v1.2
$47 Only $19.95

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