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How To Use Virtual Boxer

 When Using Virtual Boxer, You Only Need To Have Two Things In Mind: 

  1. Most importantly, you must always avoid getting hit by his punches!
  2. You must strike back, and you must do it in the safest, most correct way possible!
To do so, you need to stand in front of the screen (or projection) and constantly use the techniques that you’ve learned on the free boxing lessons page in order to avoid getting hit by his attacks, and of course also strike back.

* Another important thing to remember is about safety: You should always keep a safe distance from the screen and you need to make sure that there are no babies or pets crawling around your legs! (PLEASE read the safety guidelines before using Virtual Boxer!)

 Using The Easy (Free) Drills As A Beginner: 

If you’re new to this and you want to be able to defend yourself against all 10 of the punches used in boxing, you have to learn, memorize and practice at least one defensive technique against each and every one of the punches, so you can perform them smoothly in front of the simulator (or in front of a real opponent) when needed.

If you’re just starting, you don’t have to learn how to defend against all 10 of the punches in one day; you can start by learning how to defend against just the Jab and the Cross (the 2 most used straight punches to the face); and then, once you’re ok with these two (after you’ve practiced both on the free Jab and Cross drills), you can go ahead and learn a few more defenses to other punches, until eventually, you know how to avoid and defend against all 10 of the punches.

Once you know how to defend against the Jab, the Cross, the Left Hook and the Right Hook, you can already start using the free (slow) drills that SURPRISE YOU WITH RANDOM PUNCHES. (i.e. “random Jabs + Crosses“, or “random hooks to the head“ and “random straights and hooks to the head“).

Eventually, once you know how to defend against all 10 of the punches, you can start using the drill named “defend single strikes - 8 times each” to quickly go through all 10 of the punches in a row and make sure that you remember all of your favorite defenses to all of these punches. This drill is really fun and useful and it will help you arrange and burn your chosen defensive techniques to all 10 of the punches to your brain; and like the others, it's always going to be free and available for you on the homepage and even when you're able to fight the fastest and hardest fight in Virtual Boxer you'll find that it's still very useful. You will probably change your favorite defensive techniques to punches many times - that's why you can and should always come back to this drill - to make sure the new techniques stick.

Now, once you have all of these under control you can start using Fight-1, which randomly shoots all 10 of the basic punches at you for 5 whole minutes! At first it will probably not be easy; but the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to quickly recognize and avoid and counter attack the punches AND you'll be able to last more and more time!

By the way, Fight-1 also contains a few other strikes:
  1. Superman Punch (can be treated like it’s a Cross)
  2. Spinning Back Fist (can be treated like it’s a hook)
  3. R/L Elbows (just pull your head back or duck underneath them in order to avoid them or protect your head with your hand)
  4. Straight Jabs and straight Crosses (can be treated like regular Jabs and Crosses.)
These extra punches are not considered standard boxing punches (well, at least not the first 3) but they may appear in street fights.
Virtual Boxer was not made just so boxers who practice the classic sport of Boxing can practice their art; it was made for self-defense first, and then for martial artists, so they can work on the boxing aspect of their game.

 Obeying The Audible Trainer: 

As you probably have already noticed, each and every drill or fight in Virtual Boxer contains an audible trainer in the background, telling you what to do in order to become a better, more protected and a way more dangerous fighter.
I suggest that you obey all of the orders and never mute it or ignore it. (Unless you’re not serious about becoming a better and safer fighter and you’re just doing it for the fun or for improving you cardio. OR of course if you’re a professional fighter and you don’t need it…)

I wrote everything you need to know about the trainer’s orders in the trainer’s orders page, including explanations for each and every order that you’ll hear while training with Virtual Boxer; so do yourself a favor and read this entire page at least once, so you’ll know and understand what each and every order means.

I'm not the one who invented those orders; I just collected them, recorded them and added them to the videos. Those orders are basic rules of stand-up fighting and if you want to become a better, more protected and a way more efficient fighter, you WILL have to learn those rules anyway.

 Once You’re Starting To Become Good At This: 

At one point, after using the free easy stuff on the homepage for a while, you’ll realize that you’re finally ready to advance to the HARDER, more realistic drills and fights in Virtual Boxer, so you can eventually handle ACTUAL strikes (and combinations), which unfortunately are NEVER EASY, NOR SLOW… CLICK HERE for more information about the full version of Virtual Boxer.

 Attacking The Simulator: 

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re already becoming good at avoiding the simulator’s punches, is that you can (and should) shoot your own punches and combinations at him in between (and sometimes even DURING) his attacks.
You can find instructional videos on the subject on the free boxing lessons page and learn how YOU can attack and hurt your opponent too.

 More useful ideas for using Virtual Boxer: 

  • Use Virtual Boxer wearing boxing gloves not just for protecting your fists from hitting the screen or furniture or a wall around and behind the screen, but also for making it HARDER on yourself so you’ll become more ready for ring fights, where you have to wear a pair of gloves anyway. Doing so will accelerate the strengthening of your shoulders and your upper torso in general and get you used to boxing with weight on your hands.
    Another advantage to this is: if you’re used to boxing with weight on your hands, (which is significantly harder) - it will be A LOT easier and quicker to fight bare knuckles on the streets when someone tries to attack you…

  • Use Virtual Boxer with a mouthpiece in order to make it harder on your breathing and become more ready for ring fights, where you have to fight with one of those in your mouth anyway. You can also use Bas Rutten's O2 Trainer in order to get your lungs ready for tough fights.

  • You can fight Virtual Boxer using only your left or your right hand (for simulating a scenario where your other hand has broken.)

  • You can use Virtual Boxer while only throwing Jabs: feint Jabs, feint Jabs+another left punch, regular full Jabs, double Jabs, triple Jabs, low Jabs, leap-in Jabs, straight Jabs etc. The Jab is a VERY important punch in boxing and having a real good one can do wonders to your success in fights.

  • Use the “random straights and hooks to the head“ drill (preferably in FAST mode, with or without the combinations) in order to practice your head movement. It can be very useful when you’re already tired and you’re thinking about ending your training session – that’s when you can play this drill to keep on training a little bit more. No striking needed, just don’t get caught!

  • You can use the “Play/Stop Audible Trainer” feature (the trainer’s orders) in the full version of Virtual Boxer (see screenshot - the button is found at the bottom right) in order to train with your punching bag while listening to the trainer’s orders and obeying them in order to shape and sharpen your fighting style. (You can also use the free Fight-1 on the homepage for this, but the one that’s inside of the program is a. 15 minutes straight and b. it only contains orders that are suitable for training with a punching bag, minus the ones that only apply to a simulator.)

 Some More Important Stuff: 

  • You better stretch your entire body, including your feet before every training session, because you’re going to use some muscles that you don’t usually use and they’re going to hurt a bit in the first few days, (especially if you’re a beginner), plus you need to stretch your tendons, joints and muscles in order to be ready for this type of activity and avoid sports injuries; so in order to minimize all that – stretch properly (but don't overdo it!)
    By the way, it will be a good idea to also stretch AFTER you’re done training!

  • If you want to have enough energy for a good training session, you should eat something with carbs/sugar in it like a banana, a chocolate sandwich, cake, cookies, an energy drink/bar etc. an hour before you start your training. This will give you some fuel for a better training session. Also, the more you sleep before you use Virtual Boxer, the better! (Mornings are AWESOME for the most fun and productive training sessions that you'll have!)

  • While training with Virtual Boxer you always have to concentrate. You have to treat it like it’s a REAL fight that happens NOW and every punch that you receive can knock you out or even lead to your death. If you won’t get used to fighting seriously 100% of the time, you’ll be in more danger in every real fight that might happen in the future.
    That’s why I always say that your no.1 objective in a fight and in this simulator is to NEVER GET HIT! I noticed that when professional fighters receive the first blow to their faces in the beginning of fights, it not only lowers their confidence – (a thing that hurts their chances of winning the fight and RAISES their opponents’); they also need to keep on fighting with pain and/or sometimes with a rocked brain. That’s why you should try to NEVER receive that first blow and finish your opponent as soon as possible!

  • “If you don’t recognize a punch, you better stay away from it”. Pulling your head or body back will save you from receiving most unrecognized punches, so remember that. (Don’t make a habit out of this though, because a REAL fighter will eventually catch you. You need to FIGHT AND FINISH YOUR OPPONENT, not pull back all the time.)

  • If you can videotape yourself fighting the simulator and watch yourself fight it later, it will help you advance. You will find many different mistakes that you keep on making + you’ll find all kinds of bad habits that you’re developing just by watching yourself fight. Then, after a while, when you have an impressive gameplay of yourself fighting this simulator – upload it to Youtube so everyone can see… ;)

  • Try not to learn the order of the punches in the different drills and fights by heart, because by doing so you’ll only ruin the fun and the effectiveness of training with Virtual Boxer.

So good luck with your training and have fun using this program.

Your friend,

David Faibish,
Creator of Virtual Boxer.

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