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Finally, A Southpaw Boxing Simulator That Not Only Gets You Used To Boxing Southpaws (Lefties), But Is Also Safe And  A Lot Of Fun!

If you're a righty, and chances are that you are, then about 1 in every 7 fighters / boxers WILL have an advantage over you just because he's a southpaw (lefty) and he fights different. The Virtual Boxer SOUTHPAW BOXING SIMULATOR will get you used to boxing left handed boxers and help you to completely neutralizing their unfair advantage.

Southpaw Boxing Simulator Every experienced fighter knows that when you fight or train with other people, sometimes you have to deal with a southpaw fighter (i.e. a left handed fighter or a lefty); and usually it kind of sucks... But why? Well, southpaws, unlike most fighters, use the southpaw stance and they fight with their left side (their strong side) backwards and that completely changes the game - to THEIR advantage!

Now, because of the fact that most fighters are right-handed, both southpaw AND right handed fighters are mostly used to fighting right handed fighters and almost no one is used to fighting left handed fighters. That’s why they enjoy this advantage and become so deadly.

Their attacks and counter attacks constantly come from unexpected directions, and if you’re not ready for that, the odds of you losing the fight or get hurt by a southpaw fighter grow significantly. Bottom line is, if you want to receive fewer blows and lose fewer fights, you've got to be able to handle their confusing fighting style!

A very good example of a super successful southpaw boxer that beats the crap out of his opponents almost every time is Manny Pacquiao. Don't let beatdowns like these happen to you too! You've got to get used to fighting southpaws! It’s THAT important AND it's not that difficult!

If you’re not used to fighting southpaw fighters and you want to cancel the advantage that those guys have over you, then besides knowing the techniques that can help you with that (some can be found in the free boxing lessons page) - you need to get very familiar with how it looks like and how it feels like fighting them. In other words, you need to practice fighting them, A LOT.

That’s why I created the SOUTHPAW version of the regular (orthodox) Virtual Boxer - so you can practice fighting lefties too! It contains ALL the drills and the fights that exist in the regular version, but in southpaw!

You can try fighting a southpaw right now in this short video sample (below) so you can feel the southpaw advantage that I was talking about and see why it’s so important to be able to handle those guys.
(You will only feel it if you’re used to fighting right handed fighters though. If you’re new to boxing, then you won’t really feel the difference – both southpaw and orthodox fighting styles will confuse you...) Enjoy!

Virtual Boxer - Fight-6 - SOUTHPAW - Sample (30 Seconds)

If you truly want to be a complete fighter and minimize the damage (and the knockouts) that you recieve from your opponents, you will have to get used to dealing with southpaw fighters; you have no choice.

By the way, when training with the southpaw version of Virtual Boxer, you can switch YOUR stance and fight the southpaw simulator AS A SOUTHPAW in the southpaw stance and REALLY gain advantage over your southpaw opponents.
The reason for that is like I mentioned above, southpaw fighters, like everyone else are mostly used to fighting right handed fighters and almost no one is used to fighting left handed fighters, especially lefties

As a healthy rule of fighting, you SHOULD switch your stance every now and then, so you can fight as a southpaw and use the confusing southpaw advantage to your advantage - like other professional fighters do.

So if you think it's important enough, (and it is,) you can buy the only southpaw simulator on the market right now for a very special price and own it for life. (Satisfaction guaranteed, or you get all your money back!)

Main Benefits of Virtual Boxer Southpaw:

First and foremost, Virtual Boxer Southpaw Simulator will train you to instantly RECOGNIZE all the common punches and even combinations that may be thrown at you by a southpaw attacker, so you can easily see them coming and consistently avoid getting hit by them.
Using all kinds of useful 3-speed drills and fight simulations, Virtual Boxer Southpaw will help you remember and organize your favorite defensive AND offensive techniques against southpaws in your brain, so you can INSTANTLY pull them when needed.
Unlike training with real southpaw training partners who are seeking (and are also legally allowed) to punch you in the face and body, Virtual Boxer Southpaw Simulator will never hurt you while training with it.
Virtual Boxer Southpaw will help you achieve super elusive head movement and quicker foot work, so you can make sure that even fewer of your southpaw opponent’s punches actually hit you.
With this southpaw version of Virtual Boxer you can train yourself in fighting AS A SOUTHPAW AGAINST A SOUTHPAW!!! How cool is that?!?!
If you're an experienced fighter and you decide that you want to give Virtual Boxer Southpaw a shot, there's a good chance that while using it you'll find quite a few halls in your boxing game that need to be fixed. Use Virtual Boxer Southpaw to systematically close all of these halls and become an even better, more protected fighter!
Virtual Boxer Southpaw Is EVEN MORE USEFUL in times when you CAN’T punch the heavy bag or train with people due to an injured hand (knuckles, wrist, skin etc.) because in front of the simulator you only touch the air! use this down time to getting used to fighting lefties!
Each time you learn or think of a new defense to a certain lefty punch or even to a combination, you can try it out on the specific “defend each strike/combination separately” simulation and see how it feels and if it works for you. No real southpaw partner needed!
There is a lot of talk lately about visualization as an increadibly effective way of training for martial arts (but not only) and Virtual Boxer Southpaw can certainly help you with that. Instead of closing your eyes and imagining how you're dealing with an imaginary opponent, you can even SIT in front of your screen and for short/long periods of time just look at the different simulations and THINK of what you'd do against every punch and combination. You can move your head according to what's happening and even slightly move your hands. This is pure brain training. Personally I did that MANY times and I can tell from experience, IT HELPS!

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Go ahead and TRY Virtual Boxer - Southpaw Boxing Simulator and see if you like it. Play with it, learn from it, train with it and have some fun.
If within 60 days from the day of your purchase you're somehow unhappy with it and you don't think it can make you a better boxer, then I'll be happy to give you all your money back, no questions asked! (And you can keep the product.)

David Faibish - Creator of Virtual Boxer.

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