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Virtual Boxer
System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements For Virtual Boxer:

Operating System: Windows XP 32bit and above (Tested on Win XP/7/8 32/64bit, will probably work on Vista and Windows 10 as well.)
Video Card: 64 MB video card
Display: At least 1024x720 screen resolution. (The bigger the screen, the better!)
Processor: 2.4 GHz processor and up is recommended. (Will probably work great on less as well.)
Program Description: Virtual Boxer is a light program that plays HD video files (in 1280x720 resolution). If your computer can play the free drills and the one free fight found on the homepage, then you're probably good. (Plays smoother on Google Chrome.)
Storage: The program itself will require 4GB on your hard drive, but:
Whan extracting, or pulling the program out of the downloaded zip file you will need about 12 Gigabytes of free space on your hard drive(!!!), but this is only for the extraction process. Why? Because when you have a zip file filled with content that you want to extract, the zip file will first start copying the content into a TEMPORARY folder and only then, when it's fully extracted, it will copy the content into your preferred location; which means, that at some point in time you will have the content (including the zip file) 3 times on your hard drive instead of 2. This is stupid, I know, but that's how it works. It might be different now with Windows 7 and up, which can also open zip files like they were regular folders, but I don't know how it works when you pull the content out of there...
When it's done extracting, the temporary folder will be automatically deleted and you will be left with the original zip file and Virtual Boxer's program folder. Once you're done with the extraction process and the program works, you can delete the downloaded zip file.
By the way, the bonus (Virtual Boxer Southpaw) weighs 1.05GB, so that's even more free space that you'll need... :)

Don't have ebough room? Try one of these:
  1. Learn how to free up disk space (YouTube): HERE.
  2. Burn the zip file on a DVD or copy it into a portable storage device, then delete it from your hard drive, (including emptying the recycle bin) and THEN extract the program from the zip file on the DVD or on the portable storage device into your preferred location. (If the burn process was not completed successfully, preferably including varification - burn it again until it does!)
Need help with zip files? Click HERE for clear explanations or HERE to learn how to unzip files in YouTube!

Q: Is Virtual Boxer Compatible With Mac?
A: Sorry, but not yet...

Q: Is It Hard To Download And Install Virtual Boxer?
A: No, downloading and installing Virtual Boxer is actually quite easy:
After paying you'll be redirected to a page where you can download a ZIP file, which contains Virtual Boxer's folder in it. (Downloading this zip file will take a while since it's 4 Gigabytes in size + 1.05GB for the bonus). Once they're downloaded (usually into your "downloads" folder), you will need to open the zip files and extract or drag the programs' folders out of them. That's it!
Need help with zip files? Click HERE for clear explanations or HERE to learn how to unzip files (YouTube).

Q: Does Virtual Boxer Come In A DVD Edition?
A: No. Right now Virtual Boxer is only available as a downloadable file.

Boxing Training Program

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