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Using Virtual Boxer Adds A Lot To Your
Real Life Training At A Fight Gym:

The comparison chart below was not made to prove that training with Virtual Boxer is better than training at a fight gym or anything like that; it’s here to illustrate how using Virtual Boxer at home can give you things that training at a fight gym cannot give you or does not give you enough.
Using Virtual Boxer COMPLEMENTS and REINFORCES the effectiveness of training at a fight gym. Read this chart carefully and see what I mean: (VERY interesting stuff!

 The meaning of the colors in the chart:
Bad Not Enough Good

Benefit: Fight Gyms Virtual Boxer
Effective strike-recognition training: Yes, but a. you don't get nearly enough of it and b. you rarely see missiles flying towards your face full power and speed because it's not a real fight and you cannot try to hurt your training partners; which means you rarely get the opportunity to train full power and speed like you should, if you want to be really ready for real fights where your opponent REALLY tries to knock you out. Yes. Virtual Boxer was created especially for strike-recognition training. (You get slow drills and fight simulations, medium speed drills and fight simulations and FAST drills and fight simulations!)
Helps you organize your favorite defenses and counter attack techniques in your brain so they appear instantly when needed in a fight: Yes, but again, not nearly enough because you need thousands of repetitions until each becomes a natural reflex and it literally takes many years of practice in order to achieve that by training only at the fight gym once or twice a week. Yes, Virtual Boxer DOES help you organize your favorite defenses and counter attack techniques in your brain, quicker and more efficiently! That is the second main reason why it was built for...
Safe from serious injuries: No. Training and sparring with other people, (some of whom you don't even know), sometimes result in injuries and severe pain; and although you usually wear protective gear, you recieve harmful strikes and unpredictable injuries anyway. Yes, Virtual Boxer is quite safe, (as long as you follow the simple safety guidelines.)
Play Virtual Boxer with a projector using the rear projection method. (Even safer!)
Do you have to train your training partner in return for him training you? Yes. After he shoots whatever it is at you and it's your turn to practice your defenses against his atacks, you have to watse your time and energy on doing the same for him. That's where it's starting to become a bit dangerous for you because he may accidentally (and sometimes he will) punch you in the face... (I'm not pro selfishness, I'm just saying that that's how it is...) No, you don't have to train your training partner in return for training you, because there is no REAL training partner. With Virtual Boxer it's all about YOU!
Allows you to change the angles in front of your partner when sparring: Yes. Not really, because the guy on the screen always faces one direction and won't follow you; but, you CAN and should jump around and appear from his sides (in diagnal) and attack him from there from time to time. For example you ducked under his left hook while moving to his side - now you're behind his shoulder and he's in trouble...
Gets you used to take a punch like a man and keep on fighting: Yes. You eat punches from your training partners all the time! (Getting used to being punched sounds like a disadvantage, and IT IS, but in a way, it's also a benefit...) No.Virtual Boxer is nothing but a simulator and it CAN'T phisically hit you!
Raises self-confidence and self-esteem when skills are achieved: Yes Yes
Strengthens your cardio: Yes Yes
CAN power-strike in training: No. You can’t try to hurt or knock your training partners out. Yes (Just keep a safe distance from the screen.)
Optimal trainer’s focus on you: Partial focus on YOU. Your trainer will divide his time among all of his students. Yes. (Effective audible trainer).
By the way, if you love training with your heavy bag, there is an option inside of the full program that plays this audible trainer in the background for 15 minutes straight! (The "Play/Stop Audible Trainer" button at the bottom right. see it here. Orders that only fit the simulator and not good for a heavy bag, like for example "when his hands are too low - go for the head and vice versa" or "Make him pay every time he hits you!" are not included in this thing, so you can use the trainer's orders on your heavy bag with only the relevant orders without getting confused!)
Helps you lose weight: Yes Yes
Trains/allows you to fight southpaws (lefties): Yes (but usually only once in a while, since southpaws are only about 1 in every 7 fighters.) Yes, using the Southpaw Simulator.
You can also use this option to train fighting as a SOUTHPAW against a southpaw! Click HERE for all the details!
Tightens up your timing: Yes Yes
Awesome background music: Usually no, and if there IS music, you're usually not the one choosing it... Yes, right HERE. You can also play your own music: your room, your computer, your choice of music…
By the way, from inside of the full program there is a big red button (Play/Stop My Music) that can be set up to play YOUR favorite training mp3 music in just one click. No need to go and find the mp3 file each time you want to train. It's there in the program. (You need to copy the file into the program's folder and rename it to "MyMusic". Then, once you click the button inside of the program it will play this file in the background. Click it again and it will stop.) Personally I LOVE it, it's so convenient!
Teaches you what you need for free: Not really. (First lesson may be free though...) Yes. In the free boxing lessons page and in the audible trainer page.
Available for when you can’t punch anything due to a knuckle / fist / skin injury: Yes, but not recommended Yes, and it's perfect for that, because you only touch the air with your hands!
Fun and addictive like a video game: Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's not. Also, it's not nearly as addictive as a video game. (But that's only MY opinion...) Yes, it IS quite addictive, especially when using a projector + your favorite training music (and some weed of course...)
Develops your speed (Striking speed, response speed and movement speed): Yes Yes
Cost: Around $100 each month! Full version of Virtual Boxer (plus the bonuses) cost $19.95 = 20% of one month at any average fight gym - and it's for life! Click HERE for details.
3-speed fights and drills: No, (but you DO randomly train in slow to medium speeds.) Fast = knockouts / pain / injuries. Yes: slow, medium and FAST. YOU decide. (Medium and fast drills and fights are only available in the full version of Virtual Boxer.)
Lets you choose what you want and NEED to train: Not really – Unless you pay a trainer to focus only on you, he will train all of his students the same thing together, even though each one is at a different level and needs to focus on different things. Yes – There’s a menu filled with all kinds of drills and fight simulations in several levels of difficulties. Just choose what you want and need!
You can train whenever and how much that you want: Yes, but usually only if you pay full price and only when it’s open Yes: Early morning, middle of the night, holydays, pandemic lockdowns, 100 sessions a day – you’re the boss!

Virtual Boxer as a training tool DOES add a lot to your real life training at a fight gym
and it very much COMPLEMENTS and REINFORCES the effectiveness of it.

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